HSSE (Health Safety Security Environment)  

The objective is to conduct construction projects in a safe, effective, and efficient manner. Through a combination of concerned management, responsible and knowledgeable supervision, and well trained employees; we will be able to provide a safe and healthful work environment.

The goal of this Safety Plan is to construct each project with zero accidents and/or incidents that could result in injury or property damage. To accomplish the overall goals of this program all Al Ashoor Group must provide employees with a safe and healthful work environment. It can be accomplished by minimizing risks and economic losses through training and planning.

Policy Statement:
Safety is paramount to the successful completion of all projects. It is towards this end that this Safety Plan is an integral part of each and every project.
Onsite supervision shall be responsible for the actions of those they supervise, maintaining safe and healthy working conditions in their areas of responsibility, and strictly enforcing all safety and health policies and regulations. All employees shall comply with these rules and regulations.
Al Ashoor Group shall comply with the requirements of this plan, provisions contained within the contract document and all applicable rules and regulations as set forth in.
As well as all additions and revisions, to include any and all applicable local requirements.