Joint Venture  




With the experience in setting up joint ventures, supported by the company’s administration and Legal Professionals, the Division has required a strategic position in establishing new business Partnerships. Al Ashoor Group has joint ventures with following:

• Samin Shipping Co. / Cyber.
• Perma Container Line LTD .UK
   from All Asia ports to Umm Qasr Port.
• Marco Shipping Agency. UAE / Dubai
• Marwan Shipping Co. UAE / Ajman for Loose Cargo (Steel, Cement, Rice,
  etc..) from Asia to Umm Qasr and Khor Alzubiar Ports
• Althurya Shipping Co. UAE / Dubai
• Khamis & Rajib Co. UAE / Hamriyah
• Five Seas Shipping Co. Shariqa
• Ajman Shipping Co. Sharqa – Dubai - China
• Mosa'ab Shipping Agency. / Humairiya - Dubai
• Ocean Bulk Shipping Co.
• Tozila Co. for Recovering sunken ships / Turkey
• Rick Marine Associate PTE LTL / Singapore
• Start ship freight private limited / India.
• MAG Shipping CO. UAE / DUBAI
   Container Line from Chine, India to Sharjah to Abu Flus.
• Agent of Power Electricity Generation Barge Karadenez Holding Power Ships
   at Umm Qaser, Khor Al Zubair and Abu Flus ports.
• Qatar Navigation Lines, Dubai (Qatar Navigation)
  Container Line form All over the World to Umm Qasr
• WARTSILA / Finland
• UNAOIL Group Company, to transport oil pipelines  from all countries of 
  the world to the Umm Qasr and  Khor Al-Zubair Ports






Agent to Transfer the Steel Bar from Ukraine to Umm Qasr Port by our Fleet of Cargo with Capacity of 20-35 Thousand of Tons, Then download it on Trucks to Transfer it for all Iraqi Cities. Till Date we have downloaded 150 Vessel of Steel.