Marine Services  



Barakat Al Ashoor owned and operates a fleet of Containers, Ro/Ro, Passengers and General Cargo Vessels with over 9000 freight tons capacity covering wide region of International Trading, with remarkable emphasis on Cargo imported from Far East (China, India) to the Middle East including Iraq and Dubai.


Shipping Agencies
Barakat Al Ashoor Shipping Agencies combine Local expertise with International Standards to deliver the highest level of Customer Satisfaction using well established quality Management procedures with the objective of achieving continuous improvement in the quality of Services provided.


Ships Management
1. Vessel Chartering for definite Cargo Shipment.
2. Voyage Balance Calculation.
3. Arrangement of Banker delivery.
4. Preparation of Voyage instructions.
5. Arrangement of Ship Surveys on Cargo Matters.
6. Time Charter operations.
7. Port Terminal Services.


Other Services
1. Warehousing and Surface transport.
2. Shipping and Forwarding.
3. Aircraft Handling.
4. Mining and Allied Consultancy.
5. Custom Clearance.
6. Land Transportation.
7. Security Staff Guards, Procedures are Level.
8. Storage Facilities.
9. Special Cargo Handling Services, Such as Heavy Lifts.
10. Dangerous Cargo Handling.
11. Multimodal Transportation.
12. Domestic and World Wide (Door to Door) Services.


Barakat Al Ashoor Machinery has a Good Quality in serving Clients for all types of operations.

1.   Tugs with different Capacity using in berthing, un-berthing and refloating.
2.   Heavy Mobile Cranes.
3.   Forklift Trucks.
4.   Mafi Trailers.
5.   Trailers.
6.   Warehouse equipment.
7.   Rebuilding of Engines.
8.   Maintenance.
9.   Rental of lifting equipments.

It is enough to say that cargoes discharged by Barakat Al Ashoor skill labours stevedore without any shortage or torn using the most suitable equipment of discharging and loading operations, that is why some daily quantity was over 9,000 mt for Steel Bar Cargo.